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IBM Websphere Commerce

WebSphere Commerce product overview

E-commerce is no longer simply about presenting and selling products online. It is about delivering a smarter shopping experience that is seamless and integrated across all customer touch points. It is about providing a rich, relevant, personalized experience across multiple channels of your business. But ultimately it is about doing more to leverage the power of your brand and present its value consistently to your customers.

IBM WebSphere Commerce provides a powerful customer interaction platform for cross-channel commerce. It can be used by companies of all sizes, from small businesses, to large enterprises, and for many different industries. It provides easy-to-use tools for business users to centrally manage a cross-channel strategy. Business users can create and manage precision marketing campaigns, promotions, catalog, and merchandising across all sales channels. WebSphere Commerce is a single, unified platform that offers the ability to do business directly with consumers (B2C), directly with businesses (B2B), and indirectly through channel partners (indirect business models). WebSphere Commerce is a customizable, scalable, and high availability solution that is built to leverage open standards.


IBM Websphere Commerce Interview.


Product portfolio

There are two editions of WebSphere Commerce. Each edition provides an increasing set of functionality:

  • WebSphere Commerce Professional provides a powerful customer interaction platform to help mid-size companies offer personalized, cross-channel shopping.
  • WebSphere Commerce Enterprise provides a sophisticated platform for high-volume B2C and B2B business models and multiple sites.

IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer provides an integrated development environment in which you can build and test your customizations to extend the business logic or change the appearance of your site. IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer Editions are available for WebSphere Commerce Enterprise, Professional, and Express. Since WebSphere Commerce is a highly customizable solution, IBM WebSphere Commerce Developer includes everything that you need to develop and test end-to-end e-commerce sites.


Link: IBM-Websphere

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